• Tornado AIR Tips

NEW ! Tornado AIR satisfies a number of issues

  • The desire for a lighter weight crutch tip to reduce fatigue.
  • A crutch tip that is highly wet-slip resistant.
  • The need for a Latex Free crutch tip to prevent serious latex allergies.

in one tip and like all our Tornado crutch tips, they are very durable compared to ordinary store-bought crutch tips.

Compare the weight. Our ever-popular Tornado GT Gel Tips weigh-in at 130 Grams each as compared to a Tornado AIR crutch tips that weighs just 63 Grams…less than half the weight!  This is accomplished without diminishing the important shock-dampening feature that protects our hands and shoulders over the long-haul.

Embedded inside my Tornado AIR tip is a large perforated steel disk that is mechanically bonded to the surrounding envelop. The disk will support great crutch loads and flex without ejecting the disk, making them last longer than ordinary crutch tips. Tornado AIR tips, while not slip proof, compare favorably to our patented highly wet-slip resistant Tornado Rain Tip tread piece.

Another added benefit is that Tornado AIR tips they float in water !

Fits crutch shafts from 3/4"(19mm) to 1" (25mm)

Item #: 942AIR

Color: Black  

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Tornado AIR Tips

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