Helen Wall - Essex

I ordered a pair of kenny arm band crutches from you two years ago. I have spina bifida and I have used Canadian style crutches supplied by the nhs all my life. I have experiencing many problems with different suppliers/designs over the years but with the last pair snapping, something had to change. I then discovered the Thomas Fetterman website, and was directed to you. I was extremely worried about trying something new but in the end I felt I had no other choice so I sent my measurements drawn on the back of some wallpaper and waited! As promised 10 weeks later my new crutches arrived and I've never looked back. It's the best investment I have ever made. The gel grips have made such a difference to my hands and my wrists and I no longer get as much back ache. Previous crutches used to clink and squeak as I walked, the biggest complement was when I went in to work one day and a colleague said - I didn't hear you coming.

After having to replace the bottoms of previous crutches after a few days, I decided to purchase a pair of tornado rain tips last year as a back up for when the first pair wore out. After almost 2 years, I am about to replace them for the first time.

thank you



You may recall that I bought a pair of Fetterman's Titanium Litestix last summer and I have to say that they have just been fantastic!In the 9 months I have been using them, I haven't fallen over once and stumbling occurs very rarely too. They are incredibly comfortable to use, effectively removing the pains in my arms and shoulders that were beginning to occur with the old NHS crutches. They also look the part! Over the winter period, the crutches came into their own. The path outside my front door was covered with a  compacted sheet of ice which proved very demanding. However, the crutches stayed anchored to the ground, while my shoes were moving in every direction known to man! I would not have even   attempted going outside with the old NHS crutches! I think it is fair to say that the crutches have "saved my bacon" quite a few times over the passed few months. They have clearly made me more mobile in difficult weather.

Many thanks for your help Best wishes Stuart



I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my purchase of Tornado tips.

I am an above knee amputee and am currently having physio (again) for my shoulder problems. I felt the difference immediately and to my amazement within a couple of days started using only the one stick when out of doors. Previously I always used two for confidence. I attended my Limb fitting Centre today and spoke to the physios about the ‘tips’ and both the NHS and Private physios have asked me for leaflets that they could hand out to patients. Do you have any available?

Thanks again Sue Humphreys



I have only had my crutches a week now but what a difference.

No more noisy rattle when walking , plus I feel safer on them . I opted for the rain boots on mine thanks to Marks advise, and I have found I do not slip on wet floors where I did before with my old  crutches. The hand grips are a joy too fit like a glove already . And I can now get a winter coat on and the cuff sits up my arm where it should be thanks to the custom made cuffs. A thing I have never  been able to do with any of my old crutches . With or with out a coat on. Plus all the advise and tips about care that come with them . Make them the best crutches I have ever had . Many thanks



The New Stealth Crutches!!!

I better introduce myself I have been using crutches all my life due to my hip joints being out of alignment since birth. I have been pretty fortunate with no real side effects apart from calluses on my         hands until about three years ago.



I was very skeptical!!!

When I first read about the claims being made by (Mustgetit.com) for the TORNADO crutch tips, I must confess I was very skeptical. But nothing ventured nothing gained, I decided to give them a try.        Now, having used them for the past year I would recommend these tips to anyone using crutches on a daily basis.Not only can you feel the difference immediately, you also feel much safer as a result of using them, in terms of the extra grip and comfort these tips provide. They certainly do what they claim, and I can thoroughly endorse them.



just been rummiging on the net and ended up at Fetterman's site. Noticed The new UK distributor and behold!!!

Thought you might be interested. I bought my Litestix titaniums in September 2003 having got fed up with every other crutch. I've been on crutches for 25 years.

The adjustable ones 'egg-out' after time and just become noisy, usually last 6-12 months. The made-to-measure wear around the handgrip, although they are much better, my last set lasted 3 years. The tips last from 4 days to 6 weeks, if I'm lucky, by which time they have become slick and dangerous. That made me decide to try some others. I bought a fancy coloured set from a website in Florida, lasted 3 months before the cuff fell apart. Not looking good. Then found Fetterman's website. This was a significant investment in money and in trying to stop my wrists from falling apart. But they are worth every penny!!!! I use the performance tips since, as my father-in-law says, I'm a bit of a biffer!! I am still using the original set 15 months on. The tread started to detach on one but a bit of rubber-solution glue sorted that. These crutches are heavier that most aluminium sets, but you soon get used to it and they are just so robust, cuffs and handgrips are excellent. Just glad I don't have to send to the US for replacement tips anymore. Like the skins too, very funky, but Ocelot!!!!!! Good luck with the site. I'll put an order through for tips in a whilst. Tim - Aberdeen